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Foster with West London

Fostering Shared Services has joined a new partnership between 8 councils in West London, working collaboratively to recruit foster carers who can provide a loving and safe home to children in care in west London, increasing and enhancing placements for children and young people locally.

For the first time, anyone considering fostering in our region will now benefit from a united, single support hub, Foster with West London, which is backed by the Department for Education.

We're joining forces with other council fostering teams across West London to grow the number of fostering households that can make a difference to the vulnerable children and young people in need in our communities.

You will continue to be supported by our experienced fostering team throughout your application, but our community of Foster with West London officers are also here to offer additional support and guidance throughout your fostering journey. Everyone is on-hand to support you from the initial application process and beyond.

To find out more or start your fostering journey today, head over to the Foster with West London website or call us on 020 8753 1057.