Could I be a foster carer?

There is no single type of person who makes a 'perfect' foster carer. We welcome applicants from all different walks of life.

Who can foster?

You can become a foster carer whether you're:

  • male or female
  • old or young
  • married or single
  • gay or straight
  • from any ethnic background
  • renting or a homeowner

To foster you need:

  • to be over 21
  • time and flexible work arrangements
  • some past experience with children or young people, but you don't need to be an expert
  • experience of being a parent, or from spending time caring for children in your family or volunteering
  • skills and qualities that will enable you to meet the needs of the children and young people you care for
  • a spare room for children aged 2 and above

We'll also consider:

  • how easily you can travel
  • your health
  • your financial security
  • your criminal record, if you have Schedule 1 Offences or a large number of repeat convictions
  • your pets, if you have one that might be dangerous or aggressive

You'll also need:

  • to really like and enjoy the company of children and young people
  • to be interested and always willing to learn more
  • the energy and resilience to stick with it, even if things are difficult
  • a lot of understanding and the ability to look beyond a child's behaviour to the reasons for it
  • the ability to be consistent and confident in your decisions
  • to be able to develop trust with a child by listening and talking
  • to work as part of a team with families, social workers, teachers and health workers
  • a flexible approach, with a good sense of humour and enthusiasm
  • to make a child or young person feel part of your family

Ready to make a difference and foster a child?