Transfer to Fostering Shared Services

Already a foster carer and looking for a change? We offer a fast-track service to make it easy for approved foster carers to join us.

We're always keen to hear from existing foster carers.

We work within the Fostering Network transfer of foster carers protocol to ensure that the transfer from your current agency to us is a smooth process for you and your current agency, ensuring continuity of care for any children in your care during the transfer.

You can only be registered with one fostering agency at a time.

So once you have given written notice to your current agency of your intention to transfer, we will work with you to map out a timeframe for when you can transfer to our service.

We will need to undertake our own assessment, but with the information provided by your current agency, we hope to be able to complete the assessment within 8 weeks.

Want to know more?

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