Meet Mary Mensah

I have been fostering with the shared services for almost 16 years.

I began my fostering journey as a backup carer for my neighbour and eventually transitioned into becoming a foster carer myself. 

Growing up in Ghana, my family fostered many children, and this has always been a part of my upbringing and life. When I relocated to the UK I knew I wanted to foster children and continue providing support and stability.

A lot of people had negative connotations about fostering, however my purpose was to help guide young children into achieving their full potential. 

Over the years I have had nearly 20 placements, all children of different ages and backgrounds.

mary mensah
It gives me great joy to see children thrive in my care and become a part of my family. I still maintain a great relationship with a lot of young children who have left my care and live independently, I get to enjoy and be a part of their life milestones.

Fostering does come with its challenges but with the support of the service and other professionals, I have learnt how to overcome and manage these difficulties.

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