Any of us

Anyone of us could become a foster carer and make a world of difference to a child. It doesn’t matter your background, we’ll help you to provide the support and care a child needs to grow and thrive. If you’re interested in becoming a foster carer, get in touch with our team today.

Transcript for Any of Us

[Title card] Foster carer Marsha reads off a card as she speaks to a group of people. She says: I am a very ordinary person. You’ll find people like me everywhere.

[Images of school cook Masha at work] Sometimes I am tired, sometimes I am stressed. Nobody’s perfect. But who can we be but ourselves. And most of the time that will be enough.

[Clip of young girl, Chloe, washing her face at a grimy basin]

[Foster carer Ayesha stocking shop shelf with bread] I haven’t always had it easy. Who has?

[Chloe looks lost and sad as she walks]

[Ayesha stops and comforts a woman who has been involved in a car accident] But wherever you find yourself, there’s always a way forward. Sometimes you just need to be there because if you aren’t, who will be?

[Chloe finds a mouldy roll to eat]

[Foster carer Neil at work on a construction site, and then playing snooker] I’m not a person who makes a big difference in the world. I just deal with whatever comes my way. One moment at a time. But what happens when you put all of those moments together?

[Chloe pictured in dark room trying to sleep, Neil voiceover] They make up a life.

[Neil presenting to a group of people] So it is what you do with your moments that counts.

[Computer screen shows Google Search for ‘becoming a foster carer’]

[Social worker speaking to Chloe as she packs up her rucksack] So let’s just go over what is going to happen towards the end of the week.

[Chloe in the backseat of a car, Marsha voiceover] It’s a journey.

[Chloe arrives at a front door. The next image shows her name on a white bedroom door]

[Ayesha to camera] It’s ok to not always know the way.

[Chloe shouting at someone off screen, Neil to camera] And whenever I worried that I would be alone, I wasn’t.

[Social worker on the phone] You’re doing all the right things. She’s been through so much change hasn’t she.

[Chloe eating freshly baked bread; opening a Christmas present, then ironing a top – and smiles when she puts it on; and doing her homework; making a card and going to sleep in a comfortable, clean bed. Marsha to camera] And what I have learnt is.

[Ayesha to camera] That I was capable of more.

[Neil to camera] Than I ever thought possible.

[Chloe running on the beach with friends]

[Marsha voiceover as she encourages Chloe to open her Christmas present] And what I have realised is.

[Ayesha to camera] That it could be any of us.

[Neil with Chloe making decorations] That makes a difference in a child’s life.

[Neil running with Chloe and dog on beach]

[Chloe on the beach stops and looks into the camera. Chloe voiceover] It could be any of you.

[End cards] Show the messages: Foster for your local authority, followed by logos for Hammersmith & Fulham Council, The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, Westminster City Council and branding for Fostering Shared Services with their contact details.


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